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land brokerage- ​​Indianapolis and central Indiana since 1982

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We are skilled at monetizing assets for owners at the highest and best values attainable.   Our clients range from farmers to the largest financial institutions.


Our completed transactions are the best evidence of our capabilities.   Case studies are available for each closed transaction of which we have been agent.

I started brokering land for buyers and sellers in 1982.   High Value Land brokerage and site selection (where acquisition or disposition values are in excess of $1 million) is our primary expertise.   Selling high value land involves expertise, patience and establishing reasonable expectations with the client.   High value land disposition can take more than one year in order to insure the Buyer has obtained the entitlements they require to justify the high purchase price.   High value land acquisition or site selection involves a thorough understanding of path of progress, as well as the myriad factors such as utilities, access,  soil quality, environmental conditions, and demand generators.   Reller is an expert in both high value land disposition for individuals and corporation as well as site selection for occupiers and developers in retail, office, multi family, mixed use and special use.

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We establish reasonable expectations for each party prior to listing or seeking sites based on full disclosure of recent comparable property sales